A Summer at the Lake

I love summer...but I get easily fatigued in the sun.

It's easier to stay in the air conditioning, but air conditioning doesn't build childhood memories. :)

SO....this summer, I set out to create memories.  I wanted the kids to remember this as "the summer we spent at the beach".

Amos has been intrigued by "the beach" for a long time.  I long to take him to the ocean, but until that becomes a more practical option, we'll settle for the State Park about 5 miles from our house. 

We purchased an annual pass for only $33.  I figured I'd have to visit the park 8 times in order to pay for the pass.  We will easily reach that goal number of visits next week.

We sometimes go by ourselves.  Sometimes we meet friends.  A couple times, we've met other moms and kids from church.  We always have a blast!

The photo that is currently on my computer's desktop.
"My Beach Bum"

He looks unhappy...but he's not.  He's basking in contentment.  Trust me.

You may think that going to a lake with four children who are 6 and under is likely to be quite stressful.  It's not for us.  I'm so proud of my kids.  They all wear their life jackets, and they're all very cautious on top of that.  It's a relaxing and refreshing time for us all!

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