My "Find" This Summer

My mother-in-law, who lives in North Central Nebraska (i.e. "a place where it rains"), has a wonderful garden every summer.  We might covet it... She also has a cute, antique gate leading into her gorgeous garden.  Here is a picture of it from 2 winters ago when we got snowed in for Christmas.

When we were visiting about a month ago, Morgan said, "I'd really like to a get a gate like my mom's for our chicken run."

So, a couple weekends ago, Hubby and I set out on our respective ways.  I headed out to garage sales, and he went to the local farm supply store ("the cowboy store" according to the kids) to get the remaining materials for the chicken run.

After I had exhausted the money in my "Garage Sales" envelope, I headed to a second-hand store that I love to drop into occasionally. In the front of the store, leaning up against a tree, was A GATE!  An old, antique garden gate.

I called Morgan right away, but it went to voicemail.  So, I took a picture with my phone and headed home.  We both arrived home around the same time, and he told me the story of the gate he ended up being forced to buy...the one that wasn't exactly what he wanted and cost more than he wanted to spend.

I told him my story, showed him the picture of the gate that was exactly what we wanted for less than 1/2 the price, and we were ecstatic!

We managed to get back to the second hand store before someone else snatched it up, and the new, expensive gate was promptly returned.

And the new "old" gate!

Now that I've retrieved that winter photo of the other gate, I see that they are almost identical!


I'm excited and thankful for our gate.  :)

2 Responses to "My "Find" This Summer"

Kilner (visit their site)

What a great gate! Good find.

Gina (visit their site)

My parents have a gate just like that, as well! :)