The Other Animals

An update on my other "animals":

I took this picture the Friday before Father's Day.  I uploaded it to, ordered it at the local 1-Hour Photo, framed it, and we delivered it to Morgan at work as part of his Father's Day present.  I think he likes it. :)

Sadie turned 3 on May 30th.  She got her ears pierced as part of her present.  I was nervous, but she did great!  And, she looks SO cute with her little pink flower earrings.

Amos continues to be oober-photogenic.  He just looks so cute in so many pictures!  He'll be 5 in a couple months...I can't believe it!

Jobey is 6.  He's become an expert bike-rider this summer.  We managed to fit his and Amos' bikes into the van for our summer trip to Nebraska.  I'm so glad we made room!  They had a blast riding around without a care in the world.

Judah is still our baby....for a little while longer.  He hasn't done much talking.  It might be because I let him keep his pacifier in all the time.  It's my way of keeping him young. :)  

This one is my sister's little animal. :)  He just turned 2.  I like this picture of him. :)

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