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I love to look for home decorating ideas.
I get lots of inspiration from Kevin & Layla at The Lettered Cottage and Ree at The Pioneer Woman.  I also love Country Living magazine.
When it comes to ACTUALLY decorating my own home....I'm lazy or reluctant or afraid or cheap....or all of the above.  We've lived in our home for just over a year, and there is still NOTHING on the walls.  In fact, there are still nail holes and smoke marks from the previous owners' wall decorations (candle sconces?).
We've recently discussed the possibility of going with a sort of "local"/Wyoming theme.  I like it, but we don't have a lot of genuine interest in popular Wyoming decoration themes (Horses, Cows, Cowboys).   But, I've been going through my photo archives, and I've set aside some pictures that might be worth framing and hanging on the wall.  They're personal to us, and they're all related to a Wyoming-type theme.
I love this picture of the bluebird.  There was only one day this spring that I saw bluebirds.  A whole flock came through. What a treat!  I'm glad I got some pictures, because they must have just stopped for a rest on their way somewhere else (probably a location with 
 trees :) ).  I have edited this photo in a number of ways.  They are all on my Flickr, and if you click on my Flickr link in the sidebar, you can view them.  I'd really appreciate feedback on the edits.
This is a picture of Casper Mountain from our front deck.  Are the clouds too much?  I like them...but maybe they cover up too much of the mountain?
I have a few different shots of Pathfinder Dam...I'm not sure which one to choose. I like this one, because of the blue sky included on the top.  I have a couple closer shots.  Which ones work best, do you think?  Again, if you click on the Flickr link at the top of my sidebar, you should be able to find them easily.
I know there is a "Rule of 1/3's" in photography.   I'm not sure what the rule states...but it has to do with the composition of a photo.  I think I've come up with a new "Rule of 1/3's".  A good photograph has 3 elements:
  • 1/3 Creativity/Vision-Having an "eye" for a good picture.  I'm not so great at this.  My little sister is awesome!
  • 1/3 Quality-This involves having a decent camera and knowing how to properly use it.  I'm working on this. :) And, this probably is less than a third.  I've seen some really awesome pictures taken with phone cameras! :)
  • 1/3 Editing-  This involves knowledge of software and an element of personal creativity (like the first 1/3).
So....as a person who is not naturally creative, I'm at a disadvantage from the start. :)  But....I'm really enjoying learning what I can!
Any decorating or photography advice for me?
FYI:  For photography inspiration, I go to Donna at Quiet Life and Ree at The Pioneer Woman (in addition to some others. :) ) .

2 Responses to "Home Decorating"

Jodi (visit their site)

I have you linked now. How do you get your pictures so big...mine seem tiny compared to yours. Maybe it's my layout?

Swimming sounds fun. We have lessons m-th from 11-12. Tuesday is only afternoon that it wouldn't work. We talked about Friday at Ednes again, but nothing for sure set.

Cute blog pictures!

Anonymous (visit their site)

Your pictures are great! Love the clouds! The thirds are 1/3 sky, 1/3subject, and 1/3 ground. At least thats what I learned in a photography class. Love that you are blogging again.