I Sew

So, I haven't been blogging so much. Sorry. :)

One reason is pictured above. I learned to sew!! Woo hoo! (Thanks, Mom)...what's better?...I like it! I'm excited about it.

So, I began with this curtain project. There are two identical windows in our dining room. I chose this fabric, and I love it more every day. They're simple...probably need a valance or something too...but...they fit on the window...and the plaid is straight...and they're cute...and they provide privacy...and I love them!

I also made little ties to hold the curtains back during the day.I chose my favorite part of the plaid as a little "accent" for the ties (is that what they'd be called?). Aren't those little bubble-things so cute?

Anyway...just wanted to share.

I'll post more about the holidays in days to come.

Happy New Year!

3 Responses to "I Sew"

mjoseph (visit their site)

La cortinas esta muy bonita. Su esposa esta tardo. No termina la valla.

Melanie (visit their site)

I'm so proud - I could cry. :-)

AMBeutler (visit their site)

How exciting! That is pretty funny. I haven't been on-line as much or blogging at all b/c I have been sewing and knitting. I usually get on-line now to search for patterns and "how-to" to something I can't do well. James got me a serger for Christmas! Yeah!!!