Wash Day

Sheet-washing day is a very exciting day in our house.
This game is called "Rolling". It, apparently, is very fun. The first time the boys played Rolling, they were begging me to invite their friends over so they could play too. Really, my oldest must have been thinking, consciously, "This is the coolest thing! I should be sharing it with everyone I know and love!".
Umm...the q-tips are for another game called "Darts". :) They made this game up after watching one fraction of a game of real darts once. They throw the "darts" at the wall, and then they're all over the floor. Then, we clean them up...and the q-tips have a much different "feel" later when they're used to clean out ears....not as cushy as they were originally intended to be.

After all of that Rolling and darts, it's time for a little snack and 'post-game wrap-up'. Bagels in bed means tomorrow will also be a sheet-washing day. :)
Friends Forever.

2 Responses to "Wash Day"

Sara LeeAnn (visit their site)

SO adorable! What ingenuitive little guys! I'm going to try out their Rolling game with Beau next week at our house. :-)

Erikitaroja (visit their site)

In 20 years I can just hear them saying..'remember when we used to play "Rolling."' Only they (and you) will know what they're talking about. What a great home you've created for them!