Scrapbooking... something I don't think I'll ever be successful at. At least not in the "traditional" sense of the word.

That's where I need your help...I need some ideas.

Here are my photo-archiving goals:

1. Chronicle significant times in the life of our family and the life of each of my children.
2. Maintain copies of my chronicles so that each child can call one his/her own and I can keep one for my hubby and me.

So, I figured, before, that I would scrapbook (with a book and dye-cut images and acid-free adhesive, etc.). I would have a book for each kid and a book for our family as a whole.

What a joke....right? Can ANYONE do this?!?!?!

So, then I thought I'd just keep a good family book, and each kid can have a copy. in the world do you make good copies of your scrapbooking work? No, that won't work... latest idea (and...this, specifically is where I'm hoping you may have some ideas..) is that I want to start keeping some sort of digital scrapbook. I really wish I could ensure that my blog could be saved to disk or something, and I could hand it down to my kids. Or...something like that. I don't need all the journal entries, necessarily...but they don't hurt either. I just want to include some good photography that shows the growth of our family and each little one in the family.

I'm having a hard time letting go of the idea that I will have something ON PAPER... But...I feel more comfortable each day with the possibility of turning my back on the traditional way of doing this.

Does anyone have an idea for me???? Is anyone scratching their head wondering what the heck I want out of life anyway?? :)


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Heather (visit their site)

OK, I am a paper scrap booker at heart...what I am doing is each of my kids will hopefully someday have an album of their own. There are so many pictures with them together that when I make one page I just duplicate it that many times for the kids in that picture. So all I have to come up with is one idea. I don't know much about digital scrapbooking...just have to have really good printer. Don't get over whelmed with the whole picture just take one bit at a time...start with Joby in return you will being starting with the others because they play together they will have pictures together that is if you use my approach to duplicating the page for each kid. Sorry sort of long but it's one of my passions...scrapbooking that is. :)

Gina (visit their site)
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Gina (visit their site)

So far I have been semi successful with keeping 4 scrapbooks for 2 kids but it took a lot of work at the start and now it's just about maintaining...anyhoo...One idea I had for you was It allows you to design your own books and then order as many copies as you want when you're finished. I prefer regular "scrapbooks" but I'm planning on doing this for my "photo albums" so I can have an on-paper version of all their best pictures without messing with prints. I'm considering just doing one for each age...I don't know. Just an idea...there is a lot you can do with them. They make great gifts for grandparents & whatnot, too.

Erikitaroja (visit their site)

Have you heard of I love this site but it does take some time. I haven't used it in awhile so it may even have more features than before. I've made books, yes real photo books of weddings before with this site and it is relatively inexpensive. I don't know if it is exactly what you're looking for but it's definetley worth checking out.

Erikitaroja (visit their site)

the site looks very similar to shutterfly. Equal pricing too. But I think shutterfly is more photo focused, just from glancing at blurb.