Operation Playtime Day 1-Blocks

Blocks are a common play-object in our house. So, it was a little difficult to get the boys especially excited about playing with them.

I decided to provide a new setting, thinking that may help them see it as a new experience! So, I moved the table and chairs over in the dining room, and gave them the whole floor to sprawl out and play. I think they did like that part.

I got them all hyped up, sat them on the floor, told them to close their eyes, and then I dumped the blocks on the floor. When I told them to open their eyes, my oldest said, "I don't want to play with blocks." :) But...I talked him into it pretty easily.

They played together really nicely...for a little while. :)...no pictures of the fighting over the "big blocks".
And, of course, there was the most fun part: knocking down towers.
Then my oldest started to build this "gate".
...and my younger son was very proud of this "church" he constructed.
And, then....he got the broom out and knocked it down! :)

All in all, it was fun! :)

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Melitsa (visit their site)

Hi Proudmom- Thanks for joining in and playing the catch up game. Lots of unplugged play at your place:) I like how you tried to make the play different and special. Sometimes it takes a bit of magic and sparkle to get them going.