A Sweet Snow

My husband and I have fond childhood memories of playing in the snow. We built forts, snowmen, went sledding, etc. Our boys don't get the opportunity very often. It's not because it doesn't snow where we live...it's because the snow is almost always accompanied by 20+ mph winds.

But yesterday...it was different.

While we were at church, big snowflakes fell, and when we exited the building, there was 4-5 inches of nice, wet snow on the ground...and no wind!

So weird.

So, my hubby and our 2 boys went outside right away, and this is what they did:
I don't remember ever seeing such great snowball-rolling snow. What fun!

It took less than 10 minutes for them to whip up this big man in the back yard.
His name is Howard.

We girls watched from the cozy interior.

Yea! I'm so thankful for yesterday.

2 Responses to "A Sweet Snow"

Erikitaroja (visit their site)

yeah, laramie is a lot different than casper. i know it gets a little windy here (and people who have never lived in casper usually think i'm crazy when I say that) but nothing like casper. it's great!

Danielle (visit their site)

that is one good lookin' snowman.
props to him!