Weekly Lost Post :)

Ok...time for me to sort out my thoughts on Lost based on tonight's episode.

A breakdown by character:

Daniel Farraday:
So, he's associated (closely) with Widmore. Didn't expect that...but it really doesn't change the way I feel about him. :) I still like him. I don't think his intentions are bad. I just think that Widmore (the bad guy...I think :) ), is Daniel's means to accomplish whatever it is that he needs to accomplish on the island. I think he may be trying to fix whatever he did to Theresa. I'm pretty sure she's stuck traveling through time (or her brain is anyway).

Pretty sure the girl with the gun (Ellie) is Daniel's mother. And...it may be that Widmore is Daniel's father. Which is weird...we'll see. Apprarently, we know (and I'm not sure why...but the crazies on the discussion boards say so) that Daniel's mother's name is Eloise. So..Ellie makes sense.

It was sort of weird that Ellie said to Daniel, "You just can't stay away." I mean, it wasn't weird at first, because I figured she knew him since we know that he's been on the island in the past. But then for the rest of the episode she didn't act again like she knew him. She didn't say anything personal to him when they were alone. Don't get it.

He's going to follow Desmond. No question.
I think his interest in the island is the energy it holds. Energy=$$$, and I think that's all Widmore cares about.
Was Penny born on the island??...Are she and Daniel siblings?


I wouldn't have known this, but again, those crazies on the discussion boards (what weirdos!) remembered that Boone's nanny's name was Theresa, and he had some sort of dream about her that he told Locke about where he said something like, "Theresa is falling up the stairs. Theresa if falling down the stairs." Make of that what you will. Could be the same Theresa. Probably is. Everyone's connected.


He and his sweet dead-people-hearing skills come in handy.


Cute that Desmond and Penny named their boy after our beloved Charlie. I miss that kid.

Hydrogen Bomb:
(I realize a bomb can't actually be considered a character...but I'm going to cover this anyway):
When Daniel first arrived on the island, he insisted on getting to that one station (can't remember what it was called) in order to disable something and save the island. Did we know what it was even? Maybe it was the Hydrogen bomb? Just an idea...


I'm excited to see how all this past/future stuff with Richard pans out...and how it's confirmed that he is the leader of the Others. Maybe the Others orchestrate all the "daddy issues" in order to prepare their future leaders. Like they did with Ben. I just thought of that just now...so...who knows?...which reminds me...how in the world did Locke's dad get on the island??


Not sure what rules don't apply to Desmond. Anyone know?

Ok...I'm done for now...

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