My heart rate is increasing...

I'm so excited for LOST! One week from tonight! Tonight, I watched the last 2 episodes of last season..and I'm all geared up and ready!

My only current theory...if it can even be considered a theory..maybe just a thought. In the 2nd to last episode of season 4, Kate asked Sawyer where Claire was, and he said something like "She's lost." We don't have any idea what happened to her. No evidence that she's dead necessarily...or any more dead than she was before (I'm not convinced that they're not all roaming around in some sort of dead-land). So....she's LOST....Hmmm....I think I'm's true...I am crazy. Anyway...I just don't think it's a coincidence that he used the word "lost". And, not that I've been paying attention, but I don't remember hearing that word mentioned in the first 4 seasons of the show at all. So...I think it's important. So...we need to find out what happened to Claire...and then we'll understand the island.

I'm done.


Melanie (visit their site)

first of all - your children are and were adorable. Now - I'm thinking that I'm going to have to catch up and rent the first seasons of Lost. I've heard SO Much about it...but we don't get TV channels so well (only CBS and PBS) so I rarely get to watch anything!