A Dream I Can't Forget

Oh, my. This morning, my boy asked me if he could watch the movie, Babe. I forgot what emotions it draws up in me.

I want to live on Hoggett's Farm. I want to have a garden like Mrs. Hoggett. I want to have a few animals, some land, lots of trees, and a simple lifestyle. I want my kids to grow up there.

I'm serious.

I couldn't find a picture of Hoggett's farm, but I found some others that would do just fine. (There is a glimpse or two of the farm in the YouTube Link provided above)

What should I do with this desire??? Forget about it? Pursue it?

I guess I'll just wait and pray. :)

I have more to post including my Operation Playtime entries!


Erikitaroja (visit their site)

i have the same desire. cows, chickens, sheep (of course!) the open view of nothing but prairie, maybe mountains in the distance, sustainable living, local food (your own). I would love it! now i just need money, land, and a lesson in farming.