8 Month Progress Report

Our baby will be 8 months old on Friday. She's getting a little bit more hair. She's sitting up all by herself like a big girl. She's starting to mimic sounds we make, and she's very eager to play with the boys. But..no crawling yet. I'm not concerned about her development, but I am eager for her contentment. She wants to be mobile. She's ready for the next stage.

My hubby, being the proactive parent that he is, decided to dedicate last weekend to some crawling lessons with the little lady.
He thought if he could introduce her to the crawling position, then maybe she would catch on. She mostly just liked being swung all over the place. :)

So, we're coming up with a new strategy. The new plan: Crawling is dumb. It's time to walk. Aren't these perfect walking shoes?

She's likes them too!

More to come...

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