Lost Theories

Ok, so I realize that most of my readership (is that word?) does not care about LOST. If someone finds this and is interested, then that's great...if not, I'm just "thinking out loud" to work through my ideas. :)

Idea #1:
The "client" who hired the lawyers to find out if Kate is Aaron's real mother is Aaron's biological father. I think it was in Season 1 that we learned Claire's story about getting pregnant. Her boyfriend wasn't excited, so he left. Well, he's gonna be able to do the math, that his baby should be Aaron's age. He knows Claire was on Flight 815..and he knows the Oceanic 6 got a super huge settlement. Kind of reminds me of Dannie Lynn (Anna Nicole Smith's baby).

Idea #2:
Daniel Farraday...he's becoming quite the complex character. And...I like him. :) There are a few things I think relating to him. First, he knows that you actually CAN change the past...but he doesn't trust anyone (especially Sawyer!) with that responsibility, so he's lying, saying the past cannot be changed. The reason I think this is that it seems that Daniel changed the past by meeting with Desmond. Really, Desmond "remembered" something in his dream that he had not known before...so I think the past was changed in that case.
Also, I think that Daniel's hiding something under his shirt...maybe a Dharma tattoo or something. Sawyer, for some reason...not sure what it is, wanted Daniel to give him his shirt...and Daniel changed the subject. I think he's hiding something...well, we know he's hiding lots of stuff...but I think there's physically something under his shirt that he doesn't want anyone to see.
Why isn't he helping Charlotte with her bloody nose/impending doom? I don't think he can. He told Desmond he needed a constant...and Desmond chose Penny to be his constant, someone he could make contact with in both times. Farraday chose Desmond as a constant back at Oxford when Desmond first contacted him in his lab. But, Charlotte has a whole group of people she's travelling through time with...they should all be constants for her, I would think.
Hmm...I think Charlotte and Daniel are siblings. Charlotte indicated that she was born on the island, and we know now that Daniel has been on the island before also...and maybe he doesn't age...and Charlotte may not either.

Ok...that's all for now.
Thanks for letting me vent. :)...there will be more where this came from.

One more thing...remember when Ana Lucia told Hurley, "Don't get arrested." He didn't so much follow that advice...

Bye. TTFN.

~These are the brownies I made to celebrate the season premiere on Wednesday night! :)

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Erikitaroja (visit their site)

you are a much bigger fan than you let on the other night...the brownies look delicious!

grace (visit their site)

lianne my head literally hurts and I think I am ready for bed now...also-- did you memorize the numbers??=)