The Cutest Kids

Now, introducing...
The World's Cutest Kids!! :)...

...and my Dream Guy! (Isn't he romantic??)

Other Randomness:
My middle boy came across a little box of about 6 fuses that belong to his electrician daddy. He claimed them as his own and took them everywhere.
He carried them around the house for days, mastered holding all of them at any given time, took them to church on Sunday, and he even took them to bed. It was so cute!
That same adorable boy also sometimes likes to pretend he's a turtle. It started one day when he was sad. Kids at this age have a hard time expressing their feelings. If one of my boys is crying, I'll ask, "What's wrong?". The answer is almost always, "I don't know."

So, one day when the boy above seemed sad and was being grilled about his feelings, he finally said, "I a yucky turtle."

So...there you have it. He's sad. He's a yucky turtle. But, from the looks of the picture above, the turtle cheered up a bit. I'm glad. :) But, I still think the yucky turtle is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.


Heather (visit their site)

Those pictures are so cute...especially the yucky turtle one. I also loved Amos holding all the fuses. Caleb use to carry around the strangest things...but most of the them were something he could hold in hand or pocket. It seemed to be something about the size of them, I don't know.